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Customer Reviews: Customer Reviews

07/31/17 - Thank you, Ruben and Andrea! A&R came highly recommended to me through a friend, and I was not disappointed. Ruben was very prompt, professional, and courteous. He quickly diagnosed the problems and fixed them the same day. He took the time to explain the repairs to me, and he even spoke to my warranty company that had previously denied my claim - and now I am getting compensated for the repairs. I will be passing his name along to all my friends. Thanks so much!!!

07/26/17 - Excellent service. Had them come to check out my AC that has been looked at repeatedly by my landlords AC company. After repeated visits the other AC company could not resolve the issue. A & R came highly recommended and I can see why. They came out & clearly explained the problem, discussed the resolution, fixed it. They also told me what I had known the whole time the AC unit was not the right size for the building. He spoke with respect & knowledge. I will be using them to service my home AC next.

07/12/17 - I came home from work yesterday around 6pm and noticed it was 87° inside due to our a/c not working. I called our landlord who wanted us to wait until the next morning to have her a/c guy fix it. No way was I going to go the night with that heat. I got her approval to find someone on my own, so I put a message out on the next door app and just a few minutes later, I received a response from Andrea with A&R HVAC, letting me know about this company. The main thing for our landlord was that it didn't cost too much and that the company was trustworthy and this company really came through for us. We needed someone quickly and he came right over and got it working again by figuring out the problem and replacing the necessary part. We are very happy customers! They don't charge after hour fees, except on holidays, which is very fair, in my opinion. Very reasonable and trustworthy, I would recommend this company to anyone! Thank you Andrea & Rubin!

07/04/17 - They came out last year and it was the most thorough cleaning and service we've received in the 5 years being in the house. Still running like new!

06/24/17 - A&R fixed the furnace last year for me when others told me to replace it and not bother. Difference of a $4000-5000. Its running strong since the new board was put in. They could have tried to scam me like others tried and didn't. Yes, it took a few days to get the part but it saved thousands and parts for every furnace are impossible to keep in stock.

Used them since and will be a repeat customer for sure. :)

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